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Frequently Asked Questions

This page contains the most popular questions from the clients. If the person can't find the answer to the question he's interested in, he can refer to the project's Customer support. The requests are processed around the clock.

Registration questions

01How to create an account?

To create an account, the user has to follow the link «Registration». Then you should fill in the listed spaces in the form given.

02How many accounts can I create?

The client can create only one account. It's prohibited to create more than one account.

03Is it free or not to activate an account?

Registration and creating an account are free for every new client.

04What should I do if I forgot the password, login?

First, make sure all the sumbols were filled in correctly. Of the info is correct, connect the project's technical support or use the convenient option«Password recovery»

05How can I change my user account?

You can change your account in your personal account settings after you have completed the registration.

06Who can become the member of the project?

Every person can become the service's client if he's an adult. Nationality, religious preference and social status don't influence registration.

Questions about investments

07What is the maximum and minimum for the investments?

The minimum amount of the deposit is – $100.00, maximum is – Unlimited for Vip Plan.

08How many deposits can I make?

The amount of deposits is unlimited.

09How is the income accrued?

The rate chosen influences every member's income individually.

10What payment systems does the project support?

The service collaborates with the following payment systems: PerfectMoney, EpayCore, BitcoinLitecoinTetherDogecoin, Tron and Dash.

he questions of making deposits and money withdrawal

11What is the minimum amount to withdraw?

Bitcoin, Litecoin, Dogecoin, Tron, Dash and Tether limits for withdrawal are from 10$, for PerfectMoney and EpayCore from 0.1$.

12How can I withdraw money from the system?

To withdraw money, you have to go to personal account settings and activate the button "Money withdrawal". Choose the payment system and fill in the sum you want to withdraw.

13In which currency can I withdraw money?

The project works within the only currency, which is USD.

14How long will I wait for the money withdrawal?

The money is withdrawn instantly after the request proccessing. In Bitcoin, Tether, Dogecoin, Tron, Dash and Litecoin currencies to withdraw money you have to get a triple confirmation.

Questions of the partnership program

15What will the partnership program give to me?

The program gives the opportunity to obtain passive income by engaging friends and kits in the project.You cna get the details by follwoing the topic «For the partners».

16Is it possible not to participate in the partnership program?

Taking part i the program is voluntary.

17Is it obligatory to have a deposit to take part?

No, it's not obligatory to have it, you can earn just by engaging new investors.

Other questions

18Can my personal data be transfered to the third parties?

The company guarantees safety of every client's confidential data, that's why other people can't access the account.

19Why is my account blocked?

If the administration fixed illegal actons from the side of the client, the account is instantly blcked temporarily or forever. The rules and duties obligatory for the members are listed in the conditions of the contract.

20How can I protect my account and electronic wallets?

Make up complicated passwords and don't transfer them to the third parties.

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